National Disability Insurance Scheme

Yes We Are A Registered NDIS Provider

We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and your family so that you can work towards achieving your NDIS goals.

Occumax is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We accept participants who have plans are managed by the NDIA, a Plan Management Agency, or Self-Managed.

Service Agreements

If you are using your NDIS funding at Occumax, we need you to complete our Service Agreement for the Provision of NDIS Supports. To complete the form, your NDIS number, plan start and end date and you will need to know how your plan is managed (e.g. how the bills are paid). If you are unsure how your plan is managed, please check the wording in the category tables on your plan or call our office if you need help.

We are trying to simplify our paperwork to make life easier for everyone. We have updated our Service Agreement so that it now only needs to be signed once. When you get a new NDIS plan, if you are continuing with Occumax, all you will have to do is complete a short Schedule of Supports form.

Click to Complete Our Service Agreement
Click To Update Your Schedule of Supports

What If Things Change?

If we need to make changes to our Service Agreement, we will email you to give you the required notice. If you need to end your Service Agreement, just email us and give the required notice. If you need to make changes to your Schedule of Supports, just email us or use the form above. Things change and that's ok.