National Disability Insurance Scheme

Helping You to Live Your Best Life

We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and your family so that you can work towards achieving your NDIS goals.

NDIS participants who self-manage their plans are able to the plan funds to purchase allied health supports at Occumax. We are are currently not accepting new clients who have their plans managed by the NDIA or a plan management agency.

If you would like to access our service and your NDIS plan is currently managed by the NDIA or a plan management agency, you will need to change your plan to self-managed before we can see you. You can find information about changing how your plan is managed and a link to the form to request a plan variation on this NDIS website page. Alternatively you can contact your Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood Access Partner or the NDIS for more informaiton about how you can request plan variation to change your plan to self-managed.

The NDIS have a range of resources available on their website to explan how self-managing your plan works and budgeting help to help keep track of your funds. They also regularly conduct webinars on topics such as how to get the most out of your plan and self-management.

Please Note:

  1. We have made the difficult decision to let our NDIS provider registration lapse when it was due for renewal on 29th December 2023. This means that participants who have their plan managaged by the NDIA will not be able to use their plans with us as we are not able to draw down funds from the NDIA to pay for their supports. 
  2. From 1st July 2024, we will only be able to accept NDIS participants who self-self manage their plans. The NDIS price caps have not changed in over 4 years and unfortunately it is not sustainable for us to continue providing services to our community with the current NDIS pricing arrangements. Due to the NDIS terms of business, the only way we can increase our fees is to see only self-managed participants as they do not allow providers to charge plan-managed participants above the price guide caps or pay a gap fee personally.

Service Agreements

If you are using your NDIS funding at Occumax, we need you to complete our Service Agreement for the Provision of NDIS Supports. To complete the form, your NDIS number, plan start and end date.

We are trying to simplify our paperwork to make life easier for everyone. We have updated our Service Agreement so that it now only needs to be signed once. When you get a new NDIS plan, if you are continuing with Occumax, all you will have to do is complete a short Schedule of Supports form.

Our Client Care Team will arrange for you to complete our Service Agreement electronically when you first start with our service. Please also let our Client Care Team know if you get a new plan or would like to make any changes to your Schedule of Supports at any time during your current plan. They will arrange for a Schedule of Supports form to be sent to you electronically or completed on our iPad when you are next visiting our clinic.

What If Things Change?

If we need to make changes to our Service Agreement, we will email you to give you the required notice. If you need to end your Service Agreement, just email us and give the required notice. If you need to make changes to your Schedule of Supports, just email us and we will arrange a new form for you to complete. Things change and that's ok.