Get Set For Prep: Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program

Worried that your child’s fine motor skills will hold them back in Prep next year?

Help your child get ready for school with the Get Set For Prep: Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program at Occumax.

-Get Set For Prep: Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program uses fun and motivating fine motor based activities to help children become more independent in the classroom.-

Get Set For Prep: Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program is a fantastic group program to help your child establish a firm foundation for their schooling years. With the new national curriculum, children really need to be able to hit the ground running when they start school. With the support of our experienced Occupational Therapists and the Get Set For Prep group, your child will develop the confidence and skills they need to thrive at school next year.

Get Set For Prep incorporates play-based learning to encourage problem-solving by “having a go”, no matter what the outcome. Children will also have the opportunity to develop their social, emotional, cognitive and self-help skills through the group.

Occumax’s Get Set For Prep Program is great for children who have mild fine motor delays or those that are at risk of developing fine motor problems. For example, children who struggle with cutting, drawing, learning to write their name and doing up buttons.

Our Next Group Is Starting On:



  • Thursday, 18th August 2016; then same time each week for 6 weeks (although last session may be run in term 4 if participants are away in school holidays.
  • 9:30am - 10:15am
  • This group will be held at our office in Paget.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend the group.
  • Cost for the program is $330 per child. Fees can be paid in one payment or weekly installments.The fees include all materials.
  • Parents also get 2 months free access to our online handwriting forum and training modules (valued at $74) to provide you with extra guidance.
  • A $55 deposit is required for private clients to secure your child's place.
  • Private health fund rebates are available.
  • Helping Children With Autism or Better Start DSS funding can be used for eligible clients.

Enrol Your Child Now

Call our office on 4818 0445 or use the form below to reserve your child's spot in our next Get Set For Prep Group.

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