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Staff Who Really Listen To Where You & Your Family Are At

Our staff are all committed to evidence based, occupation based practice and a family centered approach. They regularly participate in continuing professional development opportunities with leading national and international Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists to ensure they provide your family with cutting edge Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology. Our staff strive to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes can be achieved for your child.

natalie - occupational therapist & director

Occupational therapist and Director Natalie Brown, has been practicing since 2001 and has worked with children and their families for her whole career. Natalie has also completed her Masters Degree specialising in Occupational Therapy for children with learning and coordination difficulties. Occumax was established by Natalie Brown in 2007, covering Mackay and surrounding regions. Natalie and her husband Damien, have assembled a team of dedicated Occupational Therapists and support staff who believe in putting the needs of their clients and their families above their own agendas. Outside of work Natalie enjoys cooking, gardening and watching her Wyandotte chooks scratch around the yard.

damien - property manager & strategic direction

Damien, has been involved with Occumax since day one. He has been a key driver in helping Occumax to grow into the organisation that it is today. His current roles include strategic direction and property maintenance. Damien has a background in administration and advocating for people with disabilities. Outside of work Damien enjoys photography and playing Lego® and dinosaurs with his son.

monique - occupational therapist

Monique Porter joined the Occumax team in 2014 and has over seven years experience as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. She has experience working with children who have physical disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, sensory processing issues, anxiety and other mental health concerns. Monique has had additional training in sensory processing, management of upper limb conditions, handwriting issues, anxiety and behaviour management. In her spare time Monique enjoys going to the beach with her family and baking.

maria - occupational therapist

Maria Gleeson's profile is coming soon.

grace - occupational therapist

Check back soon to learn more about Grace Schofield.

nicole - occupational therapist

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shanley - occupational therapist

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hannah - certified practising speech pathologist

Hannah Keogh graduated from James Cook University in 2011 and holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology with Honours. She has worked with children her whole career and was with Autism Queensland and Education Queensland before joining Occumax. She has advanced certification in the Hanen Program®, having completed both the More Than Words® and Talkability™ workshops. She is also completed the a Picture Exchange Communication Level 1 workshop many other professional development courses is the areas of PODD communication books, autism, stuttering and literacy.

karla - certified practising speech pathologist

Karla Wright graduated from James Cook University in 2016 and holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. Karla is a creative type and comes up with engaging therapy activities that normally therapists who have been working in the field for years would only think of. When not working, Karla enjoys horse riding.

emily - certified practising speech pathologist

Emily Bradshaw graduated from James Cook University in 2018 and holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. Check back soon to learn more about Emily.

erin - social worker

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cindy - practice manager

Check back here soon to learn more about Cindy Gillman.

amanda - administration assistant

Amanda Scriha keeps the Occumax engine running by taking care of client bookings and other administrative duties. Amanda also is a mum of three and has a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education, so she understands what life is like in the trenches. Outside of work Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying a rare quiet moment with a cup of tea.

nicole - administration assistant

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