How To Get Wriggly Kids To Sit Still

So many exciting new sensory products are coming onto the market this year! This is the Squellet Core Cushion and it’s great to help children sit, listen, learn or do when at the desk, dinner table or group floor time. You can sit on it as is, or fill it with a little air. Great…

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Five ways to help beat after school meltdowns for kids with Autism who keep it together in class.

Meltdown stairway

We are now a few weeks into the school year and in the Occupational Therapy clinic we are beginning to hear the same old tale from parents …“The teacher says my child has no problems at all in class but when they get home it is like World War Three!”  As a parent, this can…

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Five benefits of shaving cream for Occupational Therapy Home Programs

Shaving cream has to be my all time favourite activity to improve handwriting and visual motor skills. Shaving cream is an inexpensive, fun and motivating therapeutic activity that can easily be used the home and school environment. It is messy but I promise that it cleans up easily with a towel. Here’s five benefits of…

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